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Saying we care about people and affordable housing is an understatement. Our collaborative team goes to arduous lengths to make a difference in our communities. TPI is known for rehabilitating properties, and here’s one that exemplifies the spirit and tenacity of our team.

Prior to TPI taking over the property, Pelican Isles was dilapidated, out of compliance and experiencing crimes. When TPI stepped in, we immediately cleaned up the property by evicting problem residents and enforcing the rules and regulations of the lease agreements.  Our new property management team cared about the property and the tenants who abided by the rules and were responsive to their needs and requests.  One resident expressed an interest in starting a community garden, which the management embraced. Eventually picnic tables, umbrella shades and a grill area were added. We even helped some residents with payment plans so they could remain in their homes.

Today, the property shows so well that many over-income prospects show interest in living at Pelican Isles, not realizing it is an affordable community. The local police department raves about how much the property has turned around and even uses the property for K-9 training, and its COPE program, hosting BBQs and picnics in the parking lot.

Over the years, a sense of pride and family has grown in Pelican Isles. Families who live there, staff, police and other local organizations and leaders came together monthly, doing more than the Land Use Restrictive Agreement (LURA) suggests. Most of the cost of these events is done using donations from the community.  In addition, the property has received monthly food drops from the local food bank, averaging 8,000 pounds of food per month. And now, a new housing development recently built across the street sold all its homes for full market value.

This story also garnered the attention of the local paper. We continue to be diligent with enforcing TPI rules and regulations, listening and responding to residents’ needs, and keeping  the property a peaceful and safe place to reside while also maintaining profitability.

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