Our Mission

To improve the lives of very-low, low, and moderate-income households, including those with special needs, by providing decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing in supportive environments, while adhering to the standards of professionalism and business best practices.


The Partnership, Inc. (TPI), a nonprofit, charitable organization with a 501(c)(3) determination from the IRS, was founded by John Corbett in 1994 to acquire and manage affordable, multifamily properties that provide decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing to very low, low, and moderate income families. Since its founding, the company has grown consistently due to a culture based on superior quality work and relationships.

At TPI and TPI Management, we make sure we hire the best people, treat them with respect, give them opportunities to learn and advance, and pay them fairly.  Many businesses may say the same thing, but for us it’s not just lip service.  For example, we push decisions out to where it makes the most sense for the decision to be made, and we cut out as much red tape as possible.  This shows employees we trust them and their judgment. If they make a mistake, we coach, counsel, and train people in a positive manner. No fear tactics.

We really do care about people and making sure they are treated right.  Most people who work here say it’s the best job they’ve ever had. Having the right people on board makes it easy for us to provide the kind of quality services our clients require.


We are well taken care of, this is a great place to live, and I am so happy to be a part of the Pelican Isles family. I would highly recommend this place to my family and friends.

JoanneResident, Pelican Isles

The staff is very friendly and helpful, and maintenance requests are handled quickly with little interruption.

BarbaraResident, Pelican Isles

I am very happy here and this has been my home for seven years and hopefully for many more to come.

AlessiaResident, Clipper Cove

Thank you all for making it a pleasure to live here. I know you work hard and have much to deal with. TPI always gives me the utmost respect and gratitude!