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Affordable Housing Vs. Market-Rate Housing Management

Managing affordable housing is very rewarding, but can be more complicated than managing market-rate housing for several reasons. It is exceptionally rewarding knowing that we can provide underprivileged families with the opportunity to live in decent, safe, and...

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Resident Services: Just One More Way TPI Over Delivers

People expect development and property management companies to adhere to regulations and industry standards. But they might not expect Resident Services like the ones TPI offers. Resident Services was started to provide onsite programs specifically tailored to the...

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The Pelican Isles Redemption

Saying we care about people and affordable housing is an understatement. Our collaborative team goes to arduous lengths to make a difference in our communities. TPI is known for rehabilitating properties, and here’s one that exemplifies the spirit and tenacity of our...

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Five Tips for Better Property Management

As in any industry, you’ll find varying levels of quality in property management. As a company committed to excellent service, TPI Management follows the guidelines below (among many others) to deliver the best experience possible for our clients, our tenants, our...

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