WE CARE about hiring the best.

John Corbett
President and CEO, The Partnership, Inc.

Hugh Jacobs

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Partnership, Inc.
President, TPI Management Services, LLC

Erol Uglanin
Vice President Property Management, TPI Management Services LLC, The Partnership Inc.

Jamie Williamson

Assistant Vice President, The Partnership, Inc.
Vice President, TPI Management Services, LLC

Kenneth Bogard
Regional Maintenance Supervisor / Safety Officer

Douglas Kohn

Director of Asset Management and Accounting, The Partnership, Inc.
Director of Accounting, TPI Management Services LLC.

Urijah Corbett
Operations Manager

Lori Connor
Human Resources Administrator

Erik Zamora
Manager, Property Accounting and Finance

Darlesa Brown
Regional Manager

Lake View

Rodrick Harris
Area Manager

Samantha Kiser
Compliance Manager

Kaley Hied
Area Manager

Lake View

Esther Perez
Area Manager

Lake View

Cheryl Yates Wilkerson
Area Manager

Erika Hill
Compliance / Operations Assistant

Jennifer Spatz
Operations Specialist, The Partnership Inc., TPI Management Services LLC