People expect development and property management companies to adhere to regulations and industry standards. But they might not expect Resident Services like the ones TPI offers.

Resident Services was started to provide onsite programs specifically tailored to the residents of the property. These programs have shown that they play a significant role in not only resident retention but also in bringing in new residents.

For example, at Clipper Cove Apartments, Campus for Living was started to provide activities for its residents. At that time, there were many families with elementary-aged children. The Youth Enrichment Academy (YEA) was also created to provide a place for after-school assistance for kids in the community including help with homework, afternoon snacks, and physical and educational activities. When school was closed, it served as a summer camp. This valuable program was responsible for keeping many families at Clipper Cove.

“The Youth Enrichment Academy was a Godsend for my family. As a single mother of three, I couldn’t afford traditional after-care or summer camp,” said resident Yvonne Mercado. “To have a program right where we live in which my children were not only safe but also enjoyed and thrived at is such a blessing. If not for this program, I don’t know what I would have done. This feels like a real community that looks out for one another and not just an apartment complex.

Clipper Cove Resident Services won the Rainbow Award for Best Residents Services for years in a row, in 2000 & 2001, which was hosted through the Southeast Florida Apartment Association.

Other Resident Services programs at TPI properties include Bedtime Stories (a monthly program for younger children), healthy eating through the Cooperative Extension, and book clubs in partnership with Literacy Coalitions. All programs are funded through grants and are provided at no cost to the residents.

“Moving into my first apartment was scary, said Kisha McIntosh. ‘I came from a home where my mom and grandmother loved to cook. I loved to eat so it was a match made in Heaven. Once I moved away and realized I was on my own I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t afford to take out every night. The Cooperative Extension taught me the importance of a balanced diet, food preparation, and some simple recipes. I even learned how to save more while doing my shopping.”

TPI residents also enjoy holiday parties, community cleanups, health fairs, food drives, Superbowl parties, movie nights, bingo nights for adults, and back-to-school drives, all of which help to create a community cohesiveness that a lot of properties lack.

“Anything we can do to make residents feel safe, engaged, productive and comforted, we do,” said TPI Regional Manager Darlesa Brown. “It’s our why.”