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Our Capacity

Residential and Commercial Development

The Partnership, Inc. (TPI) has extensive and diverse experience in applying sound architectural, engineering and construction principals to a wide variety of affordable housing projects. TPI approaches each new venture with a commitment to excellence in the integrity, value, and service we provide. Effective project leadership demands constant communication, collaboration, and innovation to meet the budget, timeline and quality of the project our clients expect.

Our talented team of professionals is experienced in all phases of residential and commercial development and construction with an emphasis on affordable housing for seniors and the developmentally or physically challenged. New construction or expansion/renovation of existing affordable communities and commercial properties are within the scope of TPI’s expertise. Our capability includes high and low rise structures as well as scattered single family home projects.

TPI's 20+ years of success in offering the highest level of service, performance, fiscal responsibility and efficiency is corroborated by a proven track record with HUD, Public Housing Authorities, tax credit syndicators and asset managers. Specific references can be furnished upon request.

Affordable Multifamily Housing Management

TPI has a 20+ year exemplary track record in management of affordable multifamily housing communities through out the states of Florida and Georgia. TPI specializes in properties that are at risk of defaulting or are out of compliance with the requirements of the programs under which they are committed. TPI has sustained a solid positive relationship with Florida Housing Finance Corporation and their contracted monitoring agencies.

Consulting Services for Owners of at Risk Properties

TPI is available to be retained for short or long term consultation services to correct specific compliance, occupancy or physical structure issues. TPI can formulate a unique protocol to correct any deficiencies affecting the viability of the subject property.

Partners in Joint Ventures

TPI has sufficient capital to participate as a partner in a joint venture associated with the development of new construction or rehabilitation of existing affordable housing projects. TPI has an unmatched reputation with federal, state, and local agencies and authorities associated with affordable housing.

Committed to Excellence in Affordable Housing.