Top Notch’s comprehensive 4-week training program for legal assistants will train professionals on all aspects of managing a legal case, including the following:

New Case
• How to complete a proper and comprehensive intake
• The importance of obtaining all relevant insurance information
• The key to collecting and confirming facts of case, location, and photos
• How to find additional torts within the facts (i.e. workers’ compensation, products liability, etc)
• Importance of the medical treatment plan and scheduling appointments

• Complete Investigation
• Argue liability with adjuster.
• Establish Liability
• Complete property damage – any personal property is resolved
• Schedule Appraisal and Obtain Appraisal
• Complete total loss paperwork
• Make sure values are correct

Demand Prep
• Request final Records and Bills
• Review Records and Bills, Update Value Tab and Medical Summary
• Update demand section of your case management system for complete medical information
• Request perms, scar pics, surgical cost letters
• Send medical bills out to Medpay – open medpay and follow up on payments

• Review liens, dispute charges
• Confirm Balances

All Phases
• Review Mail
• File transfer or referred cases
• Drop cases

• Send defendant Letter of Representation
• Obtain Photos, Scene Information, Work on Investigation with Client and Attorney
• Prepare POE
• Prepare presentment letters or petition if necessary
• Schedule Recorded Statement, EUO if Necessary
• Complete Conflict Waivers
• Obtain Defendant Information from Secretary of State or Tax Assessor (LA- with direction)
• Obtain building inspector reports (LA-with direction)

• Schedule 1st appointment, confirm client shows up
• 30D, Make sure to build clients medical case, MRI referrals, Ortho’s, Neuro’s etc.
• Request initial records
• Update Medical Summary
• Request LOW
• IME Information
• Review Liens
• Update Demand Tab re MRI status
• If we receive a F/T prepare to send out
• Mail any contact letters, IME reminders, forbearance letters etc.

Demand Stage
• Confirm all medicals are accurate using case notes and health insurance liens.
• Dispute any unrelated lien charges
• Send out confirmation of balance via portals or emails
• Make sure the lien is within 60 days

• Confirm Balances
• Obtain Reductions
• Obtain Conditional And Final Medicare Lien
• Request final liens must be within 30 days or we will have to request another before we disburse
• Draft Settlement Sheets

Meet Ana

Anaceliz Alamo is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of experience and a strong background in developing legal professionals specifically in the personal injury field.

Ana has worked as a personal injury paralegal, a team lead, and a division manager for a personal injury law firm, Rob Levine & Associates.

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